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It was announced at training a couple of weeks ago that the Fierce Valley Roller Girls would be training towards passing the Minimum Skills Requirements for roller derby on Tuesday 12th July 2011. The World Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) state that before any skater can compete, she must pass all of the physical skills tests, and the written rules test. Cilla Block from Dundee Roller Girls beautifully explains what these tests involve in her blog Lovely Big Hits.

Practicing pack work - photo courtesy of Claire Fotheringham

Practicing pack work – photo courtesy of Claire Fotheringham

In the sessions leading up to our ‘mins’, our coaches explained what the skills tests would involve and helped us to prepare and calm our nerves. This was the first time that any of our skaters attempted the skills tests, so it was both an exciting and tense night!

Having only skated with the team for about 7 weeks, I was absolutely thrilled to hear I had passed all but 2 tests! Seven of our super star skaters passed with flying colours, and the rest of us were given positive encouragement and feedback to help us pass the outstanding tests next time round.

So until then, I’ll be practicing my one-foot glides and the ’25 in 5′: skate 25 laps of the track in 5 minutes. My endurance needs a helluva lot of work if I’m to achieve this without collapsing in a heap on the track! Wish me luck! 🙂