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The moment I dreaded in endurance training had finally come… “Transition and skate backwards!”. On this attempt, the end result was me standing dead still and begging my team mates to give me a push so I could at least make it round a quarter of the track backwards. Fail. Although I was into roller skating and ice skating when I was younger, I had to pathetically watch on as my sister glided around the rink backwards with ease. This made me sad 😦

Enter: YouTube! What a fantastic resource; I don’t know how people learned to do suff without this site in the olden days! 😉 I found a few different techniques to master the backwards skate, and in training on Sunday I put some of them into practice. The technique that this chap described worked for me, but of course everyone is different.

Once I manage to control this movement (I did a great impression of a baby bird flapping wildly when I realised I was actaully moving!), then I want to progress to the skull-crushing movement. Then I can keep all wheels on the track, build up speed and elegance… well, it’s worth a shot!