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Poster for Edinburgh Fringe Event
Poster for Edinburgh Fringe Event

The Edinburgh Fringe are hosting two roller derby bouts this August, brought to you by the home team: Auld Reekie Roller Girls. On Saturday 6th August, ARRG’s team Cannon Belles will meet Glasgow Roller Girls‘ Maiden Grrdrs. Then a couple of weeks later on Saturday 20th August, ARRG’s all-star team, Twisted Thistles, take on German team Stuttgart Valley Roller Girlz. Tickets are available to buy online from the Edinburgh Fringe website, and the ARRG team have setup a Facebook Event to drum up a bit of support before the big day.

I’m going along to the first bout with some of my Fierce Valley team mates, as well as a bunch of friends who want a sneak preview before signing up to be Fresh Meat. And the rest of our group just like to watch strong girls roller skating in pants! I’m really keen to see how the wider public embrace roller derby, as bout days tend to consist mostly of each teams’ fan bases and players from the other leagues. I’m sure they’ll love it! 🙂