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A wee bit late in reporting back on this event, but Fierce Valley had a great day at Falkirk’s Youth Festival to celebrate ‘1 year to go until the Olympics’!

The turnout was poorer than we expected – not just for our roller derby showcase but the event in general – but we still enjoyed the day and personally, I learnt a lot from the event. The idea was to put on a scrimmage (i.e. an in-team bout) to give the skaters, our referees and NSOs (Non-Skating Officials) a flavour of how a live bout would go and then give the on-lookers a chance of a ‘meet and greet’ and a practice skate.

Until this event, my only experience of skating in a pack was in training, and it had never been competitive, but to learn the required blocking and jamming techniques. So needless to say, I was extremely nervous at  the thought of scrimming in front of a live audience! Even though the opposing team were from FVRG, some of the other girls had been involved in a scrim in training earlier in the week that, typically, I missed.

1 Year To Go Event

Zombette giving Laura a wee hip whip!

I learnt loads on the day. Particularly, the rules we need to follow and the legal (and not so legal!) moves that we can use to block the opposing team and to break through the pack to become “LEEEEEEAAD JAMMERRRR”! My team lost pretty spectacularly, but apparently the team (minus me) won in the practice session, so all good 🙂

All in, it was a really great day. It was a hefty workout since we were skating on a really sticky track and in scorching sunshine, but what a challenge for our fitness! It was also a great opportunity for me to get to know my team mates a bit better as there isn’t much time for idle chit chat when Ella Bella Bang Bang or Fun Ghoul are coaching the training sessions!