Fierce Valley Roller Girls are excited to announce… their third Fresh Meat session for all wannabe roller girls (and refs and NSOs)! It will take place in Grangemouth Sports Complex on Sunday 28th August.

Fresh Meat Poster

The lovely PR team have set up a Facebook event where we’ll share any news of the big day with you. If you’re interested in coming along, please fill out the registration form on our website so we can get a list of names and skate sizes. On the day, you will get to borrow one of the team’s skates, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and helmet. We do insist that you bring your own mouthguard (for safety and hygiene!) – Sports Direct offer a selection for under £5.

The first question we always get asked post-registration is, “what do I wear to roller derby?” – the simple answer is something comfortable that you won’t get too hot in. Yes, roller derby looks dead glamorous with the girls wearing cute skirts, funky tights and knee high socks, but the truth of it is: it’s a really a demanding physical sport. Focus on mastering the basics first before you get too carried away with your wardrobe!

In the Fresh Meat session you’ll get to try out the basic, but none-the-less important, techniques like stopping and falling safely. Bring a big bottle of water too as we’ll be working hard – even newbies don’t get let off easy in training!

It’s not all hot sweaty work on Fresh Meat Sunday. We tend to have a bit of a get together after the session to let you meet the team properly and ask any burning questions you may have – like “where do I buy my roller derby starter pack?”!

If you’re interested in coming along, please follow the links above to register. If you have any questions about the Fresh Meat programme, please do drop me a wee comment or get in touch with the team via the Facebook event. Look forward to seeing lots of new shiny happy derby people on the 28th! 😀