So we had our third Fresh Meat day on Sunday 28th August and lots of eager skaters came along to sample roller derby. If they all keep to their promises and come back this Sunday, then we should have 8 more fierce roller girls in our ranks! 😀 Our fabulous photographer Chaos Faerie captured the day on film – here’s the official FVRG album on Facebook.

Buddies coaching the Freshers

Buddies coaching the Freshers

The girls that came along were a real mix of those who had skated before and very recently, right through to those who hadn’t strapped on a pair of quads in over 15 years! That’s one of the many great things about derby – it’s not just for skaters. Some people take to it more naturally than others, but we try our very best not to leave anyone behind. The training sessions are of course aimed at improving your own skills, but also help the whole team work together. Our more experienced skaters can often be found coaching those who are struggling; to quote Dumbledore (yep, Harry Potter fan!) “help is always there for those who ask for it”.

Enough of the cheese, and more of the day’s events! Each ‘Fresh Meat’ skater was buddied up with one of our team and taken through derby 101: how to kit up, effective muscle stretches, how to stop and fall safely, and a wee bit of cross-over technique. To round up the session, we played our now infamous game of Zombie Tag to put the newly learned skills to good use!

After training, everyone – new skaters and my teammates alike – were extremely enthusiastic about the session. The girls were given some hints about buying derby kit so hopefully we’ll see them on Sunday with their shiny new Riedell R3 skates 🙂

I’ve been involved with 3 Fresh Meat sessions now (the first being the one I attended!), and to be honest, I find them a bit tricky to gauge. We all push hard on the PR in the weeks leading up to the big day, get a lot of numbers registering online, less actually turn up on the day and, sadly, less come back the next week 😦 If anyone can offer advice from their own Fresh Meat recruitment experience, I’d be glad to hear it! And if you know of anyone in the Forth Valley area who wants to join a local roller derby league, please feel free to point them in our direction 🙂