In a previous article, I told you all about how Fierce Valley Roller Girls were sitting their Minimum Skills tests as required by the WFTDA. Although around 10 people passed all their physical skills that day, I still had 2 to pass: ’25 in 5′ – 25 laps of the track in 5 minutes, and one-foot glides on the straight edges of the track – not bad considering I’ve only been skating with Fierce Valley for 3 months!

On Tuesday 23rd August under the watchful eye of an external examiner, we got another shot to pass our remaining tests. I was 1 of about 10 girls trying to pick up more passes in training that night, and I am proud to say, 1 of the 3 girls who succeeded! Yay, go us! 😀

I had been practicing my one-foot glides so felt confident about passing that test, but the 25 in 5 was starting to feel like my nemisis. No matter how much advice I took on, I couldn’t quite hit the coveted 25 laps. We attempted this test twice during training; on my first attempt, Ro-whip-nol was cheering me on and giving me lots of encouragement. With her wise words and a lot of concentration, I got 24 and 3/4. Drats. Not quite good enough. After another hour or so of training, we tried the test again. This time our league chairlady, Grizabelta, was my cheerleader. She kept the pointers coming throughout the 5 minutes: keep low, remember your cross-overs on the corners, keep your feet moving on the straights. When the final whistle blew this time, I had clocked up 25 and 1/2 laps! I celebrated by collapsing in a heap on the floor, drinking – then sweating out – my body weight in water. It was a good look!

Although me, Hey Ho Let’s Jo and Maxx Attaxx were on a high from passing our remaining Minimum Skills, we still had to pass the written rules test to officially make the team. That Sunday, 28th August, all of the team piled into the general purpose room at Grangemouth Sports Complex to sit the exam. The room was silent, except for nervous laughter and pens a-tapping – it was like school exams all over again! All the studying and team pop quizzes paid off in the end, with only 2 of our team narrowly missing the 85% pass mark on the 45 questions.

Once all the results were gathered, it was official: the Fierce Valley Roller Girls league had enough qualified skaters to make their first team, Parma Violents! This is a huge milestone for our league, who only established a year ago! With a bit more training and team-building, we will definitely be a force to be reckoned with! Well, we are FIERCE after all! 😉