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So the theme of this post is: safety first! As you are probably aware, roller derby skaters take their fair share of hits, so it’s important that your safety equipment is going protect you from nasty injuries when (not if!) you fall.

As with most of these ‘tips’, this article doesn’t actually include my own words of wisdom, but it is a great article that I came across and thought I’d share it. It was made all the more relevant when a girl in our team took a nasty knock to her head during scrims and had to get checked over for concussion… not good. By wearing the correct safety gear – not just helmets, but knee pads, gaskets, wrist splints, mouthguards, etc etc then we can put a whole lot more faith in our equipment and reduce the liklihood of serious injuries.

Anyway, lecture over. The article, “How to Choose a Roller Derby Helmet” was pubished by All Sport Protection. They have a lot of great sub-sections on this topic, including how to ensure the proper fit of your helmet. Being specialists in protective equipment, you’ll also find lots of informative articles on the rest of your roller derby safety gear, as well as for other sports like skateboarding, ski-ing and mountain biking.