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This will be a weekend of ‘firsts’ for Fierce Valley Roller Girls: the league will be celebrating our first birthday with our first official bout – Candy Jam!

FVRG’s Parma Violents will take on Fair City Rollers‘ Fear Maidens in a closed bout this Sunday 30th October. This will be an ‘invite only’ event for friends and family, but our next bout (in February…) will be open to the public.

Candy Jam - artwork by Claire Fotheringham

Both teams seem to be really looking forward to Candy Jam and have been working hard to prepare for the event. Since we are the hosts this time round, everyone is mucking in to help to make sure the day runs smoothly. The infamous bout-day bake sale will be well stocked with goodies baked by both teams, and Bobbie Bang Bang’s legendary sausage rolls!

I’m not wanting to say too much about how I’m feeling in the lead-up to this bout because I’ll hopefully be interviewed on this very topic by Gadget from Dundee Roller Girls. She’s now a guest author for Scottish Roller Derby and thought this would be a perfect story to share with the roller derby community, and I totally agree!

Expect lots of nonsensical adrenalin-induced ramblings from me next week as I reminisce about our first bout, and look forward to the next!