geeky -tshirtSince I’m a blogging fan and not-so-closet geek, it’ll come as no surprise to you reader that I’m on Fierce Valley’s website committee with Kirk Jammett and V for Vienetta.

The guys have done – and continue to do – an incredible job in developing the website from the ground upwards to help enhance our online presence. Recently, we’ve given it a wee bit of a face-lift to help us share our news stories with our fans and potential new skaters.

The next development phase will include a ‘meet the skaters’ section where you’ll get to learn a wee bit about the derby skaters and referees in our league. We’re also looking to have a regular ‘featured skater’ article where we’ll learn a whole lot more about them. Sound good?

Keep checking back on the FVRG website to see the developments as they unfold. As always, all feedback is welcome!