Today we held our fourth Fresh Meat session in Bo’ness, and we were all absolutely blown away by the natural talent that strapped on their skates!

Most of the girls were in the same boat as many of us when we first joined Fierce Valley: they had skated once upon a time, and were a little apprehensive to roll around a games hall again. 10 minutes in though, and you would never have known they were nervous! Every single skater seemed to have so much confidence and so little fear, that they just threw themselves (sometimes literally!) into anything that was asked of them with amazing results.

We went through the standard ‘taster programme’ to let the skaters get a feel for what they can expect to do if they come back to play with us. Each skater was loaned a full set of kit from a league skater who also buddied up with them during the various drills to help them learn the basic skills. This format seemed to go down well with all skaters saying they couldn’t wait to come back next Sunday!

This is so exciting for us a league as we’ve struggled a little in the past to recruit enough girls to get a full class of Fresh Meat. Today, there were around 18 new skaters on track, with more now on our waiting list, eagerly anticipating our next intake in the new year.

Huge well done to everyone involved today! I can’t wait to see them all next week looking the part in their shiny new kit! 🙂