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With the tournament getting closer, the thirteen teams competing in the Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup have been divided into Groups, and Team Scotland are grouped with New Zealand and… USA! What a great experience for our girls!

The planners devised an extremely complicated system to ensure that each Group consisted of teams that wouldn’t ordinarily get the chance to play outwith the World Cup. There is a video of the draw, but the 10 minute clip from TorontoRollerTV is summaried as:

Group A: Brazil, Sweden, Canada, France

Group B: Australia, Finland, Germany

Group C: New Zealand, USA, Scotland

Group D: Argentina, Ireland, England

The Group stages will allow each team to play at least two others, before proceeding through the competition. I like this plan – it would be horrible if a team had to leave Toronto after only playing once!

The timetable for the first 2 days of the tournament have been released – Derby News Network will be streaming these online, but remember the time difference if you want to tune in! (We’re 5 hours ahead of Toronto).

Roller Derby World Cup timetable