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As you’ve probably gathered by now, as well as keeping my own personal blog I’m also one of the bloggers for the collaberative effort: Scottish Roller Derby.

Sandy and Sam have been fundamental in setting up this blog and keeping us all hooked with fresh and interesting content. Following on from the Roller Derby World Cup, the guys have been crazy busy interviewing players from many of the competing teams.

I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to interview one of our very own Team Scotland players, Wild Oates, to hear about her World Cup experience. Although the interview was held via email (which actually suited both of us really well since things are hectic right now!), Oates was a gem to work with.

Wild Oates in action - photo by Dave MacLeavy

Wild Oates in action - photo by Dave MacLeavy

Hope you enjoy the interview, we’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback from this and our other World Cup Interviews. Next up, the European Roller Derby Cup 2011… 🙂