A new year, a new beginning, and time to set myself some challenges to keep things interesting! My fellow FVRG skater, Deep Fried Pixxie, inspired me to write this list after reading her own resolutions on her blog Skates and Stitches.


I don’t like the phrase ‘New Years Resolutions’, so instead, I’ve set myself 15 ‘challenges’ to help me become a more well-rounded human bean, or something like that. I like a good list so hopefully seeing things getting crossed off will inspire me to keep going with more!

1. Keep at least one house plant alive

2. Start a herb garden to ‘grow my own’

3. Create a design for my roller derby helmet, paint it on, and hope I’ve not just ruined my helmet

4. Participate in at least 25 5Km Park Runs

5. Run a Half Marathon

6. Achieve a new 5km Personal Best (current is 25 minutes)

7. Finish the 31 DAY Nail Challenge

8. Complete the books I’m already part way through reading

9. Read 10 books I’ve always meant to

10. Get my hair cut short!

11. Finish decorating my house

12. Get selected to play for The Parma Violents in at least 3 live Roller Derby bouts

  • Bruise Brothers – FVRG v Dundee Roller Girls, 19th February 2012
  • Summer Shovin – FVRG Intraleague, 30th June 2012
  • Belfast Roller Derby vs. FVRG, 28th July 2012

13. See more of Scotland!

14. (Attempt to) learn a musical instrument

15. Watch 10 films I’ve always meant to