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The Jakey Bites are Scotland’s first export of Men’s Roller Derby (“Merby” or “Bro-ller Derby” – my personal favourite!). The team hail from all over Scotland, and are a mixture of Roller Derby Referees and enthusiastic new skaters.

Tyne and Fear vs The Jakey Bites

Tyne and Fear vs The Jakey Bites

There’s a strong connection between The Jakey’s and FVRG, so we often open up our training sessions for the guys to come along. My friend from uni – Tequilla Jammer, or Craig, as he was known back then – had been keen to get involved with Roller Derby for a couple of months before the team formed so this was great timing for him. Both Monkey Wench’s and Frocky Horror’s husbands had become more and more interested in Roller Derby from supporting us, so they were also quick to sign up when the team formation was announced.

Anyway, back to the Bout Report aspect of this article! On Saturday 21st April,  The Jakey Bites traveled south of the border to take on Newcastle’s Tyne and Fear. After just a few short months of training together, The Jakey’s put on a valiant display of grit and determination when up against Tyne and Fear. The home team were keen to continue their winning streak by notching up their fourth consecutive triumph in their first bout played at home.

The support for The Jakey Bites was unbelievable. Despite playing away from home, it was noted by the announcers that the Scottish crowd were louder than the Newcastle supporters! With fans holding up hand-made posters for their favourite players, and shouting encouragement to their team throughout, the whole experience was incredible!

Almost all of skaters went down to Newcastle to support our lads, and I also had the job of writing up the bout report for Scottish Roller Derby. It’s a biggie, so I suggest you get a cup of tea before clicking on the link…