So I bought my first house in December 2011 and was keen to put my own decorative stamp on it. I think it was a bit of a bold challenge to imagine that this 3-bedroom house would be redecorated within one year, but I am slowly getting there.

Here are the before and after shots so far:

Master Bedroom - before
Master Bedroom – December 2011
Master Bedroom - after
Master Bedroom – February 2012
Spare Bedroom - before
Spare Bedroom – December 2011 (was really red and blue, not orange…)
Spare Bedroom - after
Spare Bedroom – June 2012
Living Room - before (on an angle...)
Living Room – December 2011 (on an angle…)
Living Room - after
Living Room – August 2012 (Need to find some nice painting to get on the sofa wall and find a heavy oak TV unit and coffee table)
Close-up of the wallpaper on the back wall
Close-up of the wallpaper on the back wall