I’ve been in my house for just over a year now and money is going out of my bank account as quickly as it’s coming in! I’m not one for denying myself treats every now and again, so I’d like to find some more inventive ways to reduce my outgoing, and make some extra cash where I can!

Tesco Clubcard Christmas Saver

I’m the world’s worst for hanging onto a coupon and never spending it, which is madness since it’s basically free ‘money’ that I’m not taking advantage of! My brother-in-law suggested opting-in for Tesco’s Christmas Saver scheme, so instead of getting Clubcard vouchers throughout the year for 50p off this and 10 extra points on that, all of your coupons are sent to you at once in November. Hopefully the savings will be more substantial and it can make a massive dent in the my Christmas food (and drink!) bill!