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As a fairly new roller derby skater (I joined FVRG in May 2011), I was frantically reading and watching all I could to learn more about the sport and how I could improve my skills. In doing so, I found a LOT of information out there, but most was aimed at the skater who knew what they were talking about. That wasn’t me. I had blogged before when I took a 4-month career break to India and found it a really good way to share my thoughts and experiences; the time felt right to give it another go.

I hope to use this blog to share my experiences of working my way up the ranks from Fresh Meat to a qualified team skater for Fierce Valley Roller Girls. I’ll also publish any tips I discover and interesting articles from other bloggers so I can hopefully build up a library of resources for all to share.

Well it’s only fair that you find out more about me since I’m unleashing all of my derby thoughts and experiences with you! So in Blind Date style,

“What’s your name and where do you come from?”

My name is Fiona McCartney, I’m 27 years old, and my roller derby alter ego is Lady Feerocious. Grrrr!

I’m from a wee town in Clackmannanshire called Tullibody (or more commonly known as Tulliboggin!) but am looking to move out towards Falkirk in the near future. I studied Applied Computing at The University of Dundee for 4 years from September 2003 – May 2007 then went on to work in a few different IT roles; I’m now a Systems Developer with Schuh in Livingston. AKA Computer Geek – and I’m OK with that!

I had roller skated and ice skated when I was younger, and for no reason other than “I grew up”, I gradually skated less and less. After hearing a lot of buzz about Roller Derby, I went along to watch a bout in Dundee. After seeing these extraordinarily fit and athletic girls zooming around the track and throwing some big hits, I really wanted to get involved!

I went along to Fierce Valley Roller Girls Fresh Meat in May 2011 and it’s fair to say that Derby now plays a huge part in my life! We train twice a week, but in between then, we try to watch as many live bouts as possible as a team, visit training sessions held by other leagues, and have some well-deserved off-skates fun! I’d never really been one for playing team sports, but through Derby, I’ve met some really great people, both in our own league and from others.

I’ve always been fairly fit and active but derby has forced me to take this up a notch. I try to go to Body Attack classes at The Peak Sports Village in Stirling at least twice a week, swim a few lengths in the pool afterwards, and go for a run when the weather holds up.

“Top 5 Favourite Things”

I got slightly obsessed with Top 5s after watching High Fidelity so decided to generalise my favourite things instead of having 20 million topics! So here goes:

  1. The colour pink
  2. Cherry flavoured everything! Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia frozen yoghurt is my favourite just now
  3. Pyjamas, just like the wee girl in City of Angels
  4. Sleeping. Sod that 8 hours a night advice, a good 10 hours is my ideal.
  5. And Roller Derby, of course!

And before anyone goes in a huff, it goes without saying that family and friends are in this list by default!

So that’s me! Hope you enjoy reading what our league is up to and seeing how we progress. Feedback is always welcome, as are your own hints and tips so please feel free to contribute.

Big love, Lady Fee xx


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. hi,great blog you have here
    I have a WordPress blog about all thing Derby in Scotland
    the aim is to be a central point for anything Derby related in the country
    Ideally i would love to have a skater from each Scottish League as an author on the blog,to deal with promoting their own leagues,upcoming bout info,bout reports etc etc.No catches,just another place to advertise what you do as a team
    If you or any of your team-mates would be interested in this then please email me at

  2. whatsoncriterion said:

    Awesome. You’re combining three of my favorite things, SCOTLAND, roller derby and wordpress. Talk derby to me, Love it!

  3. Hi Fiona

    How are you? My name is Martin from Roller-derbyuk.co.uk and I wanted to tell you that we love your blog – it was recommended by a skater from a local league. It is always an interesting read and there are some thought provoking posts on there. I love the 2012 challenges that you have set yourself.

    Like I said I am part of a team from Roller-derbyuk.co.uk and we are always on the lookout for new roller derby stuff to talk about. We are currently running a promotion with Red Tash (Derby Player turned author) and we are running a competition to promote her Troll or Derby book and one lucky winner can get a FREE copy (more information can be found here). We wondered if you would like to promote the competition through your site. We would be very grateful as it will help her gain a little more exposure about her book.

    In return I am more than happy have you as a featured skater or promote your blog on our site to all of our visitors and subscribers.

    If you have anything that you would like to use our blog for or post on there to let our readers know more about your great site please feel free to send anything over.

    Thanks very much for your time,
    Have a great weekend.



    Sorry about contacting you like this, I couldn’t find any contact details! 🙂

    • Hi Martin! Thanks for getting in touch 🙂 I’d definitely be interested in promoting Red Tash’s book and your own in the process. A link to my blog from yours would be fantastic, thank you!

      Lady Fee x

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