Who Can Play?

So what kind of person gets into roller derby, I hear you ask. Truthfully? Anyone with a desire to learn a new sport, feeds off adrenaline, and is keen to meet lots of passionate people. Believe it or not, being able to skate or being super fit is not a prerequisite, but it does help.

Even within the small Fierce Valley team, we have a hugely varied mix of personalities, professions, and reasons for joining the sport. Personally, I like the physical challenge of pushing myself to new extremes each week, and there’s always something to learn and improve on in each training session.

We have quite a regimental approach to training, with separate Beginners, Intermediates and Advanced sessions; skaters can only ‘upgrade’ to the next level after passing a series of tests from the Minimum Skills Requirements. With strong training plans in place, we do need skaters to show a certain level of dedication to the league if they are to climb the ranks and become a team skater.

As well as the time required to attend training, it is strongly recommended that you also spare some time to watch as many live bouts as you can. If you go along with other skaters, you will learn so much more about the rules and tactics from watching other teams in action. There is always a really good atmosphere at live bouts – it really is quite an experience. And there is always cake!


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